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How it Works


List your space for free

List your space details, gallery, & prices. Once your space is approved, your listing will be seen & searchable by customers. You can list as many spaces/rooms as you like


Recieve bookings

Accept bookings on EventFlex & communicate with customers. Once you confirm a booking, the customer will recieve details about how to get there and other details like your wifi code


Get paid every time

You will get paid upfront through our secure payment system. Your payout will be deposited after each booking, minus our booking fee

Watch your Business Grow

Get paid Fast & while you Sleep

It's a great feeling when you have bookings flowing in with minimal effort. We will help you get paid fast and while you sleep

Leave the Marketing to us

Focus on what's more important, your business. Leave the marketing to us and we will bring in the business for you

Booking Fee

It's free to list your space. We take a booking fee from each transaction.
Our Fee
We charge a 10% fee for each booking, only when a customer pays through EventFlex
How to LOWER the Fee
Our fee is 10%, BUT you can pay less in fees by charging the customer a Deposit (or Partial Amount) instead of the FULL amount upfront. You can lower the Fees with our Minimum Spend or Custom Offer feature.
Your Minimum Spend is $1000, and for your Deposit, you can enter an amount that ranges from 10 - 50%, or any amount you want
Customer Pays:$100 ($1000 x 10% deposit) $300 ($1000 x 30% deposit) $500 ($1000 x 50% deposit)
We Take:$10 ($100 x 10% fee)$30 ($300 x 10% fee)$50 ($500 x 10% fee)
You Pay:1% ($10 / $1000)3% ($30 / $1000)5% ($50 / $1000)
*We just help you get the INITIAL DEPOSIT for MINIMUM SPEND bookings. The remaining (%) of the Minimum Spend will need to be collected SEPERATELY from YOU (the Venue)*

Common Questions

As soon as you accept a booking, the customer is charged in full through our payment provider Stripe. Venues are automatically paid via direct deposit at the end of each booking.

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