Connecting people with Flexible & Unique Venues

We leverage flexibility to help people get the right space at the price they can afford

Our Story - Why We Started


After years of attending and producing events. We discovered an under-served gap and decided to take action to address the current pain points in the event industry.

EventFlex aims to improve the future & quality of events by providing more flexible space & price options, this will be especially beneficial for small events. The flexibility we provide will enable more creative experiences and will help accommodate the needs of events of all sizes and budgets.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide event venues, spaces, rooms at affordable & flexible rates!

Designed for Bar, Nightclub, & Restaurant Venues!


The reason we target many bars, nightclubs, & restaurants is that most of these venues offer a food/drink minimum & guarantee price option (we call this is a "Minimum Spend"). In some cases, a Minimum Spend can offer more value than a Rental Fee, depending on the type of event that is being hosted.

Also, we know many bars, nightclubs, & restaurants have razor-thin profit margins, so our Minimum Spend & Custom Offer feature is a great solution in helping to minimize commission fees (%), and maximizing profits.

EventFlex is one of the very few event space platforms out there that effectively handles Minimum Spend bookings directly online.